Population aging is one of the most significant trends of the 21st century. One in eight people in the world are aged 60 or over. Specifically the aging of the population will have wide-ranging implications for the United States. 

Fact: Residents are living longer with higher acuities. As a result, we can expect more medically complex seniors and more with memory care needs.

Assumption: Senior Living providers who can differentiate themselves with high quality outcomes are top contenders for the lion’s share of the senior market because hospitals are trying to reduce readmissions. Relationships with hospitals and post-acute care providers become all the more important. Positioning as a facility that can optimize prevention, performance and recovery is paramount. That’s where Triad becomes the center piece amenity for Senior Living.

Generally speaking Communities should be choosing to add resort-caliber amenities, as their more sophisticated residents are seeking a mind, body and soul interaction all on-site. Triad is a creative response to the wants and needs of residents. Triad has functional spaces for activities such as cooking demonstrations, health & wellness classes and equipment personalized for seniors. Triad offers amenity spaces that could attract the local community. Senior Living communities could also open their Triad programs to outside membership.

Incorporating Triad would also offer Resort-style, short-term rehab. After various elective surgeries, many baby boomers spend time recovering at senior living communities. Communities are finding that these older adults are more interested in hotel- and hospitality-style amenities than are the current residents. Communities that recognize recognize and identify the changes that make the next generation of senior living residents comfortable will lead the industry.



1.    Neurolongevity & Neurofitness.

Triad is a game changer for any Senior Living Community. Whole Body and Brain treatments keep residents staying sharper and living stronger, longer.

2.     Foods 4 Medicine & ELIXIR Health bar

·      Proper Nutrition is the basis for optimum health and well being.

·      Holistic Nutrition is the modern natural approach to developing a healthy balanced diet while taking into account the person as whole. 

·      The goal of holistic nutrition is to facilitate a health recovery plan as well as build a strong foundation for long term optimum health.

If Senior Living is still offering their clients ordinary nutrition services they are woefully behind the times and short changing clients. Triad's Foods4Medicine holistic nutrition services can dramatically improve the client's health and well being creating brand loyalty and converting a client into a customer for life!

3.    Neuro Design Lab

In the Neuro Design Lab we use the science of Interior design psychology which concerns study of the relationship between an environment and how that environment affects behavior, with the aim of maximizing the positive affects of this relationship. Through interior design psychology the performance and efficiency of the space and the wellbeing of the individual are improved. 

Communities today must provide amenities and interiors at a high level or they risk having unhappy residents. The goal is to enhance each resident's daily living environment in ways they may not even know they need. Residents today, nor their families, won't settle for less.

The proxemics and perception of the space is the relationship to the physical environment that creates either the experience of empowerment or the experience of disability. 



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