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Triad Human Performance starts will a dedicated performance specialist who goes by the name of  Dr. Eric Serrano. You may recognize Dr. Serrano as one of the world's most renowned fitness "gurus" when it comes to training and nutrition...and you aren't alone. The most accomplished strength coaches, eminent bodybuilders and pioneers of training theories ferociously scribble notes down at his talks on sports nutrition and supplementation. When Dr. Serrano speaks, people listen. He is sought out the world over by elite athletes. He is truly the expert of experts, the one the elite come to for guidance and information.

Eric Serrano MD. is Chief Medical Officer of Triad Global Health. 


Pro Team Sports Training Facility - Schools, College & University Athletic Departments - Private Training Facility - Sports Rehabilitation Centers

Each Triad Human Performance Center is customized for your facility with a proprietary  design.

Training and staff certification provided by Triad Sports Science Institute.

Contact us today about integrating a Triad Human Performance Center in your school, business or sports training facility.


Staff Training and Certification included. Personally overseen by Dr. Eric Serrano through Triad Sports Science Institute.

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